Amanosan Cultural Heritages Research Institute

Our office is located on the grounds of the Amanosan Kongoji Temple, Kawachinagaqno-shi, Osaka. We undertake research on the conservation of polychrome artifacts of cultural heritage and the necessary restoration materials.

Since ancient times, traditional Japanese paintings, decorative patterns and mono-color paintings have typically been painted with Nikawa paint. Thus, Nikawa glue is primarily used when it comes to restoring them. Nikawa glue has a wide range of applications.

Nikawa glue has a wide range of applications. For example, it is used to bind colored pigments for the restoration of bright red paint (ninuri), for religious buildings, and for the reproduction of multi-colored paintings and decorative patterns. It is also used as a binding and adhesive medium that prevents colored paint from peeling and maintains the status quo. Each of these specific applications requires a different characteristic of Nikawa glue.

Surrounded by a number of rich historical assets in Southern Osaka, we continue to offer information about the conservation of cultural artifacts. We hope to be an institute that contributes to conservation activities throughout Japan and East Asia.